Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feung Fah

Hello from Thailand!

Over the last two days Carmen and I have spent our time at Feung Fah daycare.

Feung Fah is the government orphanage for younger children. Most children are left in wards all day. There are cots around the edges of the room with 2 or 3 kids each and mats on the ground in the middle where numerous children lay together. The centre is quite well equipped; but without volunteers and teachers from various charities, the children are left unstimulated.

CCD have built their own daycare centre on the Feung Fah grounds. Here they take a number of children and look after them for the day. Children are given plenty of food and are showered and changed. They do music, drawing, go to the sensory room and play outside.

Please support CCD and help them to give more children a better life!

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  1. Hi Mel,
    Thanks for all the updates - its great to hear and see what you girls have been doing.
    What an incredible experience for you and Carmen.
    Keep up the great work!
    God bless,